Sunday, August 19, 2007

On my Nokia N73

I got this phone last year in Oct (2006) and have been using it till now. I must say I still feel proud on making such a smart choice while selecting the phone for my needs. My earlier phone was a low end model from Sony Ericsson and had not much functionalities.

My requirements:
1. A cool dude phone
2. Price not very very high
3. Good sound quality
4. Easy to maintain
5. Camera (wasn't really in need of 3.2 MGP)
6. Could check mails and surf net
7. All other loaded features like USB connectivity, enough memory, FM radio, etc.

With these requirements I browsed almost all the manufactures sites, went to many malls around to check the available options and read reviews from different sites. I finally decided to go either for Sony Ericsson (which I already trust) or well set Nokia. N-series from Nokia is really a wonderful landmark for the company. It is proving to be better and better with time now. I decided to choose finally between N-72 and N-73 and the only confusion was because of the price difference. I got N-73 finally considering it is having two speakers, better camera features and less easily visible in the hands of people around.

I am fully satisfied with this phone since then. It is such a masterpiece from Nokia. Hats-off to it. It has easily available themes, ringtones, softwares over the net. Battery life is good, no problems till now. I could listen to music whole night while traveling.

1. Well trusted brand and series
2. Good battery life
3. Easy support and software availability
4. Handy to use and light weight.
5. Music edition is available now, so extra toppings on all of the above

1. Sometimes hang while using camera, but most of the camera phone has that problem
2. Features over cost ration is little low. Now a days it has increased as well.
3. Video ringtones are not supported.
4. Alarm clock has no feature for setting recursively0 (say for the week). Not sure if there is any software available for that.

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